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Founded in 2015, One Love Soccer (OLS) is a not-for-profit organization with the aim of bettering the welfare of the urban youth in Salt Lake through athletic, academic and social mentoring.  More specifically, the program aspires to lead a group of middle school students who share a passion for the sport of soccer, and hope to pursue the sport through high school and, hopefully, at the collegiate level. By providing a challenging and demanding program OLS seeks to provide underprivileged youth exposure to collegiate coaches to enhance their opportunity to further develop as a student athlete.


This overarching passion for soccer is not the core of the program however; soccer is simply a means to provide an opportunity of continued education.  Participants will be trained as student-athletes, receiving weekly academic mentoring and tutoring in addition to elite soccer training.  Soccer provides the opportunity for the students to achieve their full potential both on the field and in the classroom.  One Love Soccer seeks to create a challenging, educational and competitive program in which the participants maximize their potential and learn teamwork, sportsmanship and citizenship.  

Program coordinators consistently monitor each student-athlete's academic progress by regularly collecting their report cards.  Student-athletes earn prizes/rewards for outstanding academic achievement.

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